Reborn KSK

Reborn?yes we are.

after this 5 years we have some activity which concern in education for children voluntary we have some result, summary or what ever we called it.

This year we try to make every activity was more organized and sistematically. recognition aims and objectivity of us and publication some of our activity this year. Still in our way concern of education for children, Educationfor Sustainable Development (ESD) is our basic. We try to share, to give, to do, to act, to solve some challenges in our town and asked the children to have some critically idea which it can be public benefit.

Our Recent Activity is Sabtu Belajar : it was en activity every saturday noon we may share some idea, knowledge,hobbies and many things to share we discuss and we make it. this year is started from Latest Indonesia’s Energy. and every week we have various topic well every body may share and discuss everything they want.

Edukasi Kreatif : is an activity we do at some elemantary school with 25-40 children,we are as a facilitator and we try to share some knowledge to this child that ESD as a basic. the material was mostly influence by environmental issue or cultural issue.

I join this community since 2007 when i was still 17 young and glace. kikikik..

now i was a coordinator of mantenance voluntary team. well you guys,have an interest of it just call me:)


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