Telapak and FHB you’ve made my day!

i’ve got an invitation in this jobless monday. I was in my semester holiday well its poisoning enough to make you just lay on your bed all day long. lucky me!one of my friend send me a message which is invite me to come at a forum this noon. i take my self preparing immediately and confirm some friend to come together. In a capital of reckless im going to Dipati Ukur street there was a pace to gather this forum. out of my expectation i see some old friends. oh i was a lucky girl today(i such kind of grieving sometimes hehehe my bad..)

I think i would come late. Such a house keeping task is a bigest causes. Its good i’ve got my first experience washed all the dishes at home.fiuuuhh..but lucky me again!i didnt come late because the speaker wasnt come yet. They were trapped in a traffic jam. its too bad!

a minute later there come a men wearing a casual shirt and one of them wearing a batik shirt. at my first impression i just wanna say they’re so coooooooool!still have a long hair even in age 50! i wish my future husband being like that.i loooooooove a long hair man!intermezzo.

in turns out they’re a member of telapak. I dont know telapak exactly but the outline they’re six stundent which want to stay ogether, do many things together and live together. Well they make telapak such a community which concern in forestry crime.  they reveal illegal logging in indonesia and they’re still exist since 1996 untill now!they could make this movement sustainable and they make this for our beloved Indonesia. From their spirit Indonesia have a rule of logging and forestry selling. They’re so awesome! they dont even afraid of poverty they said: we still live in a same land in a same forest we still can live from it

AWESOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMEEEEEE!I cant imagine how they make the movement still exist here some of their tips. To make a sustainable organization you should tarted it from the same interest. and they said its a long-horizon changes. do not easily satisfied. To make a sustainable organization well we have to make a sustainable vision and mission too. its not a bout present or later. its really a long term. They expand their networking. Do you know? they have territory agencies all across Indonesia! what make you cant say they’re so AWESOME? they live this communities from 1% of their salary per month. can you imagine that? they give their idea, strength, time, material. its only for a justice and patriotisme! I wish i could be like them. create and act many things to make a change for my beloved indonesia!common youth!its time to make it!


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