Crucial(read: another opportunity)

latest Sunday i met my friend in order to talk  somethings about our job. Of course this job are related each other and my task was really related with his work. On our past work we have some misscommunication which makes our work almost terribly wrecked. Lucky me to have a cooperative partner. We make time for discuss and fixed all the  misscommunication. This is some of opportunity and lessons i’ve got:

1. Communication is the most important

communication is the most important thing to live this whole beautiful life


when we have a relationship with other just make sure you have a good communication. In order to prevent the misscommunication it also prevent you from the unpleasant feeling and mistakes. i may be doesnt have a good communication with my partner. Guilty pleasure and unconveyed concept is the causes. But i learn much. However you have to present it agreement or disagreement. Its only for our job objection. And all i have to start is decisive my self.

2. i do other’s job

its okay when someone throw they work to you as long as it stay on the line and you feel okay


what??i work for what i suppose to work!not your work!its okay,as long as you feel okay and it was stay on the line. It was an opportunity for you to learn mucch. Remember, when you give much something will come to you more. But if it was out of line you have to rejected it!have to!

im so grateful of my job rite now and im so thankful i have a chance to learn about how life going use to be. How to doing something. How to work in team.


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