escapade is progressive band from Bandung (capital city of West Java,Indonesia) with theme social life in a society with many different points of view and offer music in others.

consist of:

Donny Boy / Bass

Alvin Ramadhan / Drums

Ahmad Luthfi / Guitar

Jaka Anjar Wijaksana / Vocals

and me as manager hehehe..

their genre is rock,alternative,progressive

their influence is Incubus, Papa Roach, Lostprophets, Chevelle and another rock,alternative,progressive band

why escapade?
when they were playing at our bassist’s home, they saw there was a cassette of a local band called ‘the experimental jetset’ album titled “escapade”, it’s very nice to spoken, although many people in Bandung are wrong to spell it. after that, we explored the real meaning of “escapade”, and that means that the act braveness and breathtaking, and often not approved by others. the meaning of words really show our personality here. we agreed to use “escapade” to be the name of our band.

why make a band?
each of them actually have a reason why we made a band, but they viewed together, they made a band because they played for their satisfaction and want to make unique songs that enjoyed by many people.

a little piece of history
born at the end of 2004, their genre is alternative rock, because at that time we were only influenced by Incubus. after that, our influence increases. not only incubus, we also add lostprophets, paparoach, and 311. after we graduated junior high school, we had a vacuum for 1 year. when we play again, many things happened, all guitarist decided to quit, plus a vocalist who followed them out. after all that things, they decided with maturity to recruit a new vocalist and 2 new guitarists, because they pretty believe they can. they played with this formation almost a year. because there was a problem, one of our guitarists decided to quit. they decided to recruit a new guitarist -again- to play with them, and they believe this formation will survive and we’ll produce many unique and good quality songs. in the end of 2010 such a crucial things happen arround the.vission mission crisis. have a different point of view in band, everyone in their own line makes the guitarist and the vocalist walked out in the same time. after that we’ve got a new vocalist a new friend a new escapade well make at like a brand new!till now escapade still stay with this four formation and still have a good time with them.and me?i become escapade’s manager since early 2009. I wish i give ’em more contribution and grown up increasingly with this nice kind polite guys

wanna hear some? here they are

escapade – fall

me and escapade's bassist 🙂



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