I Wanna Be a Socioentrepreneur Woman

My sister will home from her boarding on this march so i have about 6 days to sleepover in her room. free 24hourc internet connection, cable tv, strategic places makes me little hard for her too leave this board. But stil i was really happy!i will sleep in a same room again even its only for 3month later because she has to move to jakarta for some course of  preparation before her graduate in Australia. I have precious 3months and i’ll make it perfect time for us before we separate for about 1,5years i wish we make it less. I cant wait too long and im gonna miss her like crazy.

She leave not only her friends, family and boyfriend but also all of her business in Indonesia will too. She needs someone to taking care of it all well it must be me. She was a really bussy woman. She have many business in cosmetics, engineering consultant, research and many thing and also her credit card her visa and many more. Well maybe this week is a right time for me to learn it all. of course it cannot be in a short time. its about a long term we need a long enough but still efficient.

Couple days ago we went to local water company to meet the research and development and discuss about the customer satisfaction which is the research was doing by my father,sister and her company. Customer Satiftaction?Its my job!im an Industrion and we do much much effort too increase customer satisfaction. I learn about that. i have some of it knowledge and im soooooooo excited to know what its application in a real life. Its cooooooool and so much experience i’ve got.

After that, we meet with her network which ask her to join him makes a bridal boutique in Bandung. They talk much much about entrepreneurship and i’ve learn well from them.

My sister always remind me about passion. What is your passion? what will you do with your passion? what you’ve done to full fill your passion? what can you give for human welfare from your passion? but for me the most scariest question is have you find your passion?kyaaaaaaaa!im so scare!but i think i shouldnt everyone has their own passion and it will never be wrong as long as you do it for a human welfare for a public benefit.

I think i was interested enough in a social world. I mean i have a really good feeling after i give something and a peaceful mind and self satisfaction when i give something i really want to give. For more specific,i like children and their world thats why i still stay on Komunitas Sahabat Kota. I think that it was my passion!why  cant I contribute something for this wonderful world?

social still social.social related to volunteer.volunteer still volunteer. volunteer related to people. people still people. people related to life. I mean in a social world still we have a rights which have to be full fill before we help and get our self into social world. I ever come to a socioentrepreneur seminar. it tell us about how we could makes our self settle enough to help other?Im so much interested of this topic.

All i want and im looking for is a lifestyle. I want be a mum which make breakfast every morning,bring my child to school,go home, checked my business from my laptop,every 2 weeks have a youth forum in my house. I still want a social job in my life. i want give all i have for human welfare. I want i can do this. i’ll try really hard!

its all about sustainable development



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