Midnight,im wiser

Im so happy in this early morning. I have a wonderful chat with some friends. I always grateful of everyone has come and leave my high and dry. They’re awesome. they’re a color of my life. Alhamdulillah ya allah..tonight ive bet trusted by some friends.well  it’s not my first time. my friends often call me only for an advice. I feel so lucky!every time i can call and talk some with other i always feeling so lucky!

mom,i've got a call!!

i was a manager of a band. its not easy to be among four guys,they smoke,they talk,they have local jokes(its too harsh!ita a gender rasism!hehe)but so long i enjoyed it. I might be too much involving my feeling(humanity right?im a girl!and girl does it!)but its good sometimes. I feel so lucky i have four good guys in my life we share a laughter,a happiness,an effort all in togetherness. But sometimes not easy to take me in to them. Girls and boys have a different point of view, a different response about something.  But im sooooo grateful!im so appreciate i have a chance to build a good relationship with some guys, to manage them, arrange they schedule, synchronize their schedule,and the things i’ve waited long enough is be trusted by ’em to be a good listener of something they need to talk to a girl with. I got it tonight!and im soooooo grateful!i want this relationship for long. I love these guys (not included my lovelife relationship). I love to work with them. I love to share something with them. I love be trusted to hear their thoughts. I love this Band. You’re rock guys!I want these guys grown up and success in this precious togetherness. Im so thankful of this chance. I want give em my best. as good as they treat me. Verry well..I never thoughts that i will have such emotional relationship with this band but i do care of them. we maybe have some hard time nowadays but im so grateful it was a chance for us to get closer each other..i know we can passed away this. Don’t let it fall, blaze the train and lets make a move!


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