i have a looooong long day. Things i like from my long day is many things i’ve got to see, learn, and practice in my next day. Some activity let in interaction with others really gimme much lessons to learn. Things has happen to me, to my family, to my sister, my brother, my boyfriend, my friends even stranger was the biggest lesson to me to learn how this life stay on the line. Whats the better and whats the worst is depend on my decided. I consider it from others experience and most of it was from all the interact with other. Im so thankful that i always have a chance to know, to see and to learn everything. I wish i can give a good experience and guise for other.

Today i met a friends. We caught in a trouble which let me, him, and 3 others on it. We talk, we share and we decided. After it all, i go home with my boyfriend. He started a conversation that really motivate me to make a chance D is my boy,A is me.

D: atu, i wanna tell you something but please you dont getting anger to me because i tell you this for your good

A: yes,what?

D: if someday you talk to someone presented your mind and your though just dont be like you did earlier..

A: like what?

D: yeah,like you did earlier. It makes you look stubborn. I dont want you to seen like that..

I learn how i always talk loudly to other in order to show the pressure on my statement and make him/her listening me well. I always strong stance of my opinion. I sometimes couldn’t receive other’s opinion. I always think that my decision is still my decision no one can change it even influence it and I always ready of it risk. No matter what risk i’ll got still my decision is the best i want to decide. But I know now how i can not being stubborn. However i will interact with other in my whole life. I grown up in a kind of harsh society. I was inacceptable girl in my childhood, I often got bullied and intimidated. Thats maybe why i talk louder because I want anyone hear what Im say and get understand. But after that, my words become too intimidate others. How can I being selfish?Im a human and i was a interactive creature. I have to learn how to interact in a quite nice good way. Im not allowed my self to hurt anyone by my words and now i reallize i might be hurt and intimidate someone by my word. I try to fix it. I try how to communicate thigs sound nice and acceptable. im so much much grateful that my boy has remind me of that and he was tell me how he want me to be a nice girl. He want me look quite and polite not a stubborn rebel girl. Im so thankful i have someone who accept my condition and tell me how to be good. thank you D, i think thank you never enough to present how im so grateful of you. merci..

it's never enough to say..


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