What I Mean?

My name is Shomiyatul Aziza. In Indonesia it kind of unique name. I bet only me who have this name(i wish it too..hehe). My nick name is atu. Most of people guess my real name is ratu but thye’re all wrong!hahaha. Where atu come from?it sounds in-correlated with my real name! well atu is from Shomiyatul Aziza. You got it?hehehe.. Whats the meaning of my name?Well it has many interpretation. But first i tell you a ridiculous history of my name. Actually my name was typo!Because the Official Birth certificate of mine was a second remind my name. My “true” name is Shoimatul But he heard Shomiyatul and the typo was happen. Well I’ve got a beautiful name accidentally !hehehe. In Arabic, Shomiyatul is from Shaum means fasting alms(My birth is on ramadhan when every moeslem do a fasting). Aziza is one of 99 Asmaul Husna,al-aziz means strong but another means of Aziza is beloved precious. My Parents represent as a strong girl who good in fasting alms. My spiritual teacher represent my name as a girl with a much fasting alms. And me represent it as a uniquely beloved precious. Whatever you want to represent my name but its just a simple name with a big mean on it in im so much in love with my name. So what would you call me?Atu?Shomi?Miya?Yatul?Atul?whatever you called im still a strong girl uniquely beloved precious.hehehehehe..

for me??:">


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