Creative Education- Green Map#1

peta hijau= green map


Creative Education is one of Komunitas Sahabat Kota program which give a children an informal education they didnt get from school. Creative Education today’s at SD Pardomuan Jalan lombok number 7 Bandung. The subject is green map. What is green Map? Green Map is a Map which use some symbol to inform your own environment mapping. First, the children got the explanation about green map after that,15 children and 3 fasilitator go to some places near they school they can go anywhere they want but still look at the map. They asked to look and make a critical question of the environment they’ve seen an then they put a symbol at the map. There’s some symbol like favorite places, garden, dangerous traffic, recreation places, sport place, nice to walk places, midden, river, polluted places, nice to bike, hang out places, Food places, arts and culture performing, worship places, etc. From this activity we asked children to know their ideal environment which is good and which have to fixed. They can reflect this activity to represented their good school environmental. They reflect their own school what’s the good point of their school and what’s the point have to fixed. We asked children too to know there’s some places were mapping in a near area in order to make a places easily to find. And we ask ’em to know how was we need a comfort environment to live, well taking care of environmental is a kind of an important things

after survey


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