Minutes of Prayer#1

Beautiful sunrise in the morning through askan’s window then make him awake. Askan think that he had a “dream” last night. He checked under his blanket immediately and whoops!He’s got something on his pants and bed cover. He go to laundry and make his pant and bed cover on the washing machine with others clothes. After that Askan go to bath.

Askan meet another friends today. He go to see ’em at the cafe. He’s getting too late when he came, he got his friends was talked something seriously. They talked about janaabat bath. Askan say to his friends,”I did it this morning”. His friend asked,”really?how you do that?”. Askan answers,” just put my clothes on the washing machine, leave it then i take a bath. Something’s goes wrong?”. A friend tell him what he should know about janaabat bath.

persons who must shower to remove large hadats called people who junub, bath called janaabat. As for those who are obliged to shower janaabat:

1. women after menstruation or childbirth

and they ask you about menstruation law. So the answer for yourselves, “He was a dirt.” Then you shall be distant themselves from the woman at the time of menstruation and do not be approached (meddle) they are until they purification (Q.S al-Baqarah(2):222)

2. people who do marital relationship

Rasulullah s.a.w said, “The water from the water.” (compulsory) bath was due out semen(shahih Muslim 1:269 no.343 and others 15 shahih hadith)

however, in another hadith it is stated that no semen came out even if the marital relationship had to take a bath

Nabi s.a.w said, if al-khitan (male genitalia) through al-khitan (female genitalia) is then obliged to take a bath(shahih Ibnu Hibban 3:452 no. 1176 and others)

3. people who dream ihtilam (marital relationship)

Ummu Sulaim r.a said, “O Rasulullah, indeed Allah is not ashamed of the truth.Does a woman must bathe if she dreaming?” He replied, “Yes, when she saw semen come out”(shahi al-bukhari)

4.  A moeslem(men)who do a Friday Shalat

Rasulullah s.a.w said, “Bath on Friday is compulsory for every person who is age (adult). also clean your teeth and wearing a fragrance that is”(Shahih al-bukhari)

Askan say,”so i must be right?”a friend answer,”yes of course”. Askan say again,”So how i should do that?is there a procedure?”

a friend tell how to how to bathe or shower friday janabat

Aisyah r.a said, “Rasulullah s.a.w if janabat bath wash his hands and then poured water with his right hand on his left hand and cleaned his genital. Then he took the water (by hand), then put his fingers on the base of the hair. After he poured water evenly and over the head with a detention hand. After that he was spraying water all over his body, then clean up both his legs “(Shahih Muslim 1:253 no.316)

Askan started to understand why does someone have to take his/her janaabat bath in a right way, how and when to do that. Askan says,”guys, I think i have to go home now. I have to take my janaabat bath before dzuhur has come. I’ll purify my self. Thanks for your information guys, Barakallah!Assalamualaikum!”



reference: Risalah shalat- Dewan Hisbah Persis


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