Today i go to a a seminar of entrepreneurship about woman entrepreneur. Im soooo excitide because i go with mom and my sister. The speaker is 6 woman who has a successful business. My favorite ones is Mrs. Tri Mul….aaaahhh icant exactly remember her name. She was a social entrepreneur, she build some power plant at several corners of Indonesia. She asked the citizen to cooperate of their village’s building. She make ’em all productive and independent. She’s smart, brave and cares!AWESOME!!things i learn from her is, if  i want to start a social entrepreneurship i have to build up my self include my soft skill. She tell us how important is a self leadership in this case. We have to keep in faith that we can do this!no hesitate. Do not ever profit oriented but benefit oriented. Its not about how much we can get but how much we can give or we can get a benefit for human welfare. She’s so cool!my sister always remind me that i have to do everything in a human welfare oriented. If i want to learn more, its for a human welfare. If I want to be rich, its for human welfare. And i believe in give other is a way that allah will give us for. So whatever im gonna do is only for what can i give other what i have. I want being a social entrepreneur woman. I want to give more. I want to be a useful person for my self, my siblings, my family, my Indonesia and others.


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