4th Semester

This Semester i got a chance to take 21 credits. Even it was out of my expectation(I think i could take 24,hiks.)but its okay. I try to talk to my trustee lecturer but he said i should only take 21. Im preety sure that he was know his student very well. I take 8 subject class and 1 practice class. I wish i could increase my GPA this semester.

The Subject:

  1. Calculus 3
  2. Industry Processes
  3. Costs Analyzing and Estimating
  4. Operational Research 1
  5. Production Design and Control
  6. Quality Control
  7. Industrial Engineering Design1
  8. Tools Design

The Practice class:

  1. Manufacture Process
  2. Industrial Engineering Design1

I have no big idea of these subject but I’ll try to find out first before the semester startedd. Wish me luck!I want 4 for my GPA!aamiin..


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