Creative Education-Healthy Snack#1

Healthy Snack,Healthy Food

Creative Education for this week(120311)which theme is Healthy Snack was like usually at SD Pardomuan. The purpose of  this module is children know and analyze there’s an additives, preservatives and food coloring on their snack. Children realize how dangerous it is and how important to be selective in choosing snack. Children selected a healthy snack they like and tell how it can be called health whats the ingredients and whats good for them. First, we start an ice breaking we play “suit raksasa”. Suit is a game for two person to decide a winner or turn. There is 3 icons on suit man,elephant and ant. Elephant killed man, man killed ant, ant killed elephant. Raksasa means giant so we play this Suit in a big scale. That the girls versus the boys.

me as an elephant

Let’s Try!

Elephant(Boys) Vs Ant(Girls). Girls are win!

Man(Boys) Vs Elephant(Girls). Girls Win!Again??

Every rows turn around i count until three, turn back and show what they are. Its so hilarious every kids excited and im sooo excited too!After ice breaking the Fasilitator bring them in a group which 4 girls and 4 boys on a group. They Analyze the ingredients and nutrition fact on their snack and write it off on their work sheet.

Does It Healthy?

After that they walked around school looking for a healthy snack and buy some. They eat it on a group discuss and make a presentation why does they choose the snack. After that, They present and tell friend in front of class each group. They shared and we wish they could understand.

May I Have Some Healthy Snack Maam?

Presented To You My Friends

fiuuuhh..Its finally done and we’re all so happy!Children at SD Pardomuan can choose the good and healthy snack for them self. Eurika!

The Fasilitator. Volunteer Education for Children


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