Module Workshop#1

Two days ago i go to DU 65 to have my office day. In my schedule,1-3pm i do my library on the box project,3-5pm i have a module workshop. The trainer is Kandi Sekarwulan. She’s one of Komunitas Sahabat Kota founder. She Teach us how to make a module of creative education for children. There’s some way to make a modul i’ll share.

  1. Specify Theme
  2. Mind Mapping
  3. Formulating Objective
  4. Flowing


Specify Theme. The theme is everything you want to share to children. It may about Environment, Activity, Health, Culture, Art, Science, everything!But have to notice that all of the theme must be sustainable for children so they could use this in their life for long time. Creative Education just in 2 hours duration so we have to focus of what theme we’ll make. Because in one theme even can’t be covered all so we have to really focus. In this case, I choose self-image for children. I want children recognizing their want and don’t want,they good and have to fixed. Big hope from this module is children recognizing and find their passsion.

Mind Mapping. To make a module is holistic way, means that we have to make it in all aspect. It can be started from explorating the theme. wWe should make it on a mind map. From the mind mapping i knew that i can makethree kind of module that is:

  • Who Am I?#1->child recognizing them self and their family, where are they come from,whats their like and dislike.
  • Who Am I?#2->child recognizing their excrescent and destitute. realizing that every one is unique. So did they.
  • When I grow up->analyzing self potential and passion. Recognizing some job and grouping them self in some job.

Formulating Objective. We have to specify and make purpose of the module is clear. Its include three aspect there’s Cognitive, Affective and psycho motor.The character of cognitive is knowledge when an information come from one way interaction like lecture. Affective is when the knowledge is come over the object and make them feel something have to be done. Psycho motor is when the object is able to doing something. So this is my result:

  • Cognitive: Children knowing them self and what is knowing them self for.
  • Affective: Children got respect to them self and individual unique.
  • Psycho motor: Children able to write off the value of them self.

Flowing. Is a kind of how to make children animosity stay in this program.  Flowing is consist of four points there is POW,Bridge,Body an reflection. Pow is something that really make a children pay attention and asked whats going on?whats they bring?Pow can be like a game, Ice breaking or something interesting to show and make attention. Bridge is Introduction of program which we can present whats we’ll doing now and the theme of the program. Body is a part of what we’ll gave to children and make it from a narrative into a simulation or method. Reflection is kind of review from all of activity on the module and as a parameter of  module success.

There is!but its haven’t done yet we’ll proceed next workshop.enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Module Workshop#1

  1. Saya kebetulan baru mengembangkan perpustakaan δαή kelompok belajar utk anak2 pedesaan. Saya dengar siapapun bisa mendapatkan modul gratis dari KSK. Bagaimana caranya? Thanks be4

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