Pardomuan is one of elementary school in Bandung,West java, Indonesia. Me and some friend have some activity this last 2 months there. After Creative Education, my friend dimas come to see one of it teacher named Mr. Marlon. When dimas come to visited the children was have their middle exam. What does they o?writing an essay?fill the blank on a paper sheet?no they aren’t!They make some recycle stuff one of them make a plan, camera etc. When Mr. Marlon accompany dimas to look arround, He suddenly told dimas the history of  Pardomuan elementary school(bahasa indonesia: Sekolah Dasar Pardomuan.) Well SD Pardomuan, since more than 50 years ago is a first folks school in Bandung. Indonesia at the time was under the Dutch colonial. Pardomuan is from Tapanuli language mean Pertemuan(english: gathering)when the philosophy say that everyone can study there, everyone,from every where. SD Pardomuan is one of the oldest folks school, when The Dutch colonial,only seigneur may school at public school. When the colonial changes from dutch to nipon, military take the land of this school in order to evacuation. The school moved to Wastu Kencana street for about 10 years. After that they moved back to Lombok street. How Pardomuan has a beautiful mean of it name. Everyone have the right to study, no exception. And as long as i knew, Pardomuan is one of the most good discipline and integrity school. I wish the “Pardomuan” could bring children of the nation into their big Future.

Mr. Marlon(Left)


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