Warm Hearted Sidewalk

Latest Saturday night me and Donny go out for dinner. We like to have a cheap tasty food at a friendly place. A friends gave us reference there’s a cheap tasty seafood at Gelap Nyawang Street Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Im so surprised of it price. How can they serve a customer a great value called price!Im an Industrion well i sometimes kind of have analyze discuss with Donny(He’s an Industrion too). We dine in a sidewalk restaureant when people comes arround and some car passed away. What a nice view in the middle of the town, a city light, dark street, good meal, special person,perfect. After we’ve one, Rain is come suddenly. We cannot go trough the rain and get in to the car. The rain is just too big to be passed except we have a clothes to change. We were sit in a long bench and long table in front of it. across us, there’s a married couple a man started to breaking the ice. He said to donny”are you school here?”(mean: Bandung Institute of  Technology it near these place). After his question we talked much and have a warm hearted conversation. The Women told us that she had 2 children which school there and how her first son worked really hard against his deficiency and finally got what he wanted for, makes a family so mucn in a emotional situation and hugs each other. She told donny that she sometimes kind of envy to see a young man bringing a young lady like donny in other her son doesnt. But she still have a big grateful of what she has. We shared for about 45 minutes till rain is getting calm and im ready through the rain run into the car. Im so much  love this situation, talked with a stranger, hears some stories and learn others experience. How God makes His creature life is beautiful.


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