Field Commanding

Yesterday i was a field commander for creative education makanan sehat#1 but the children was grade 4 and 5 well i face up 60 children today which facilitated by 12 facilitator. Its my first time in KSK to be a field commander. Its feel like..hilarious!awesome!superb!I can’t imagine how can i being a field commander pleasantly.I just got an offer and i just say yes easily. But actually after this, I want more!I feel quite right since a week before the day but at the day i got some stupidity. I forgot to bring a speaker and craft bag. Its not the only stupidity, I was going trough the street go to dipati ukur street, whereas my destination is lombok street. Oh gooood,why can’t i focus?and when im walking i just accidentally tread others feet include the children!huhuhu.I think first in first to be a field commander in an activity with a children is we have not too worry or nervous. When its about a children well everything is gonna be okay. The secong is do not in a double position when you being a commander, i feel it. Its just too busy and you can not handle it!I was a commander and a contact person its just too much job. I should shared my job with my co-commander.The third just make a decision in a fast and right way!its you belong to be!just decide. The fourth check up all of the checklist for logistic and whoever in a logistic is under your control well when he got wrong so did you. The Fifth specify your co-commander job desk. It help you to easier the job. And the most important thing is all you have to do is lovin it!the goods feeling brings you to a good things!I want more to be a commander and you?


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