Im a Pedestrian

I love the smell of the morning. Sunshine,Birds sing,Grass it makes a great super spirit formula for today. I would never pass it in vain. Beautiful morning would take me into the beautiful day. This morning i got a not really good news. I may said that im disappointed but i wont. I only let a good things come to me. I decided to go earlier to school today in order to i’ll take a walk. For me to let my body walked no matter how far, is the best way to reflect my self and self evaluating. I always think about what happen to me right now,in the past and what im gonna do. Its good!pretty good!I always love to take a place on foot even if it makes me sweat i dont really bothered. For me to play with my self is something i wouldnt switch for any prize. I love to walk and see arround. Meet a new person, only for say hello or excuse me but it was a greatest feeling i’ve got and it was relieved all of a not use to think things. I can see some moment that makes me grateful much,happy and laughing to my self. I love to see a children in a elementary school and whole stories of them. I love to see someone who survive to live their life. I love to see a mom feed her child lot of love on it. I love all the moment in the morning its more than just a moment. Its a self reflection. I Thought that we as a human always need our self time. Just love your self and let you talked to you and share something. I feel sometimes a maturity comes from a discuss with me. I love to evaluated my self and reflected it. Thats why i love to walked no matter how far. And im a pedestrian. That was the pedestrian does.


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