Gentle Me?

I have many things this week. If im a weakling i would say that i have a hard time. But actually i have a greatest week that makes me stronger and find a gentle side on me. eh? Yes, i got a missed communication with some friends when i talked to him in a bit loud voice i just get my self tremble at the time i just really want to punch someone’s face!pow!but i try really hard to make me control my self. But you know what when i got all the though out from my mouth and after the great trembling i just feel reaaaaalllly clear everything is much much better. I feel so clear and until now i have no though to my friends. In my life i just learn that a girl a little hard to forgive and forget some clash with other i dont know why nowadays im just act logicaly. Not like me as usualy. Im an intuitive person but now i find my self in a logic. Maybe maturity brings me in to this. I may be too much denying my intuition, that makes me to act everything an a logic way. I feel like..ummm lost but not really. I like to be logic but im belong to be intuitive. In other way, i got both!im so lucky all i have to learn is how to use my logic and intuition in the right time the right place and with the right people. I do believe that i could learn much. My self is the greatest teacher in life. I’ll try and show how i was in a good personality. I keep my high school motto in my deepest heart. Knowledge is Power but CHARACTER is MORE


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