Surprisingly 20

It’s been a week after my 20th birthday. No party, Like usual. I never celebrated my birthday, my dad doesnt introduce me to it culture. He said that a birthday is not important to celebrate but we have to do is reflect. Hmmm i sometimes want to have blowing a candle,make a wish and cake from my parents but its not a big deal..i dont mind because i always have a special birthday every year!alhamdulillah..some of friends always come to surprise me. This year i got three surprises. Donny Boy was come to my house we buy a cake and counting down at 12am, next day my buddies patrick and badi come to my house on my napping time bring me a truffle torte yuuumm..and on sunday,after Komunitas Sahabat Kota Training i got a surprise again from my friends. Im so much grateful of every year in my life. Im so happy how was i always get surprises in my birthday. I feel so lucky to have many friends and kind people around me.  I always believe that every good thing will come to me. I believe in i would have a many good things this year. My prescription on my twenty is i become a laboratory assistant, got my fullbright summerschool and gaining my GPA. It was really surprising me that i’ve got more. I got 2 offer from laboratory in my campus. Analytical optimization of industrial systems and Physic. Finally i take physics. alhamdulillah..i got an offer to join an indie research but i haven’t make any decision yet about that. And the greatest thing is i got a offer to work at an Engineering Consultant. I shouldnt thinking too much!I take it!yeah!I wish i could do those things clearly,smooth and useful for common benefit. I’ll make my 20 is a good start for me to do more useful things and share others more and more and more. I’ve lived this long time and i have to learn how to being better than before. The only thing im afraid is i couldn’t doing something or share something to other. I wish i can make a move, a change to give more. Im so much thankful of everything i’ve got in my life that’s why i have to share too what im so thankful for. I wanna be a useful person for many things especially for my beloved country Indonesia. 20,im young, active, and make a move!


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