What Comes Around Goes Around

Sometimes heard cliche but i do keep this word in mind. What comes around goes around. All we have, we got is something temporary. Life,Love,Job,Money,Family,Prestige,Wealth,Health,Sadness,happiness it’s all only a universe deposit. Sooner or later it will come a farewell to our life. Accept it or not, a farewell will come to us. Left or leaved is a part of this beautiful life. I trust that everything will finally come back to Allah so i never afraid of being left. We live healthy but sometimes we get sicked. We happy but sometimes we sad. That’s why i never afraid to be left. The world is round and i deserved to get it all. Mom and Dad someday we’ll separated but we certainly meet again in another world. So did a lover, I do all over to loving you but someday we’ll separated too i dont know who leave maybe you and maybe i. So did about a friendship,wealth,career and other things we’ll separated. Thats why life was comes around goes around. I cant deny that a sadness come to me when i left by something but i do really sure that is the way how it use to be. We move to a best way He gave. I never afraid of being left. I know how terrible to be left, I just try my hardest to stay. We walked and moving forward randomly so do not ever afraid of a farewell. When i left, it was a chance for me to grown up and being stronger than before. I wish i could keep my faith on it..i won’t be afraid to be left..

the world is round


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