I Need Sometimes With My self, Only.

Its not mean that im not grateful of what i’ve got in life. I just dont want to make someone worry. Especially special person in life. I have many thing to learn now and i was thinking that….

I have to move my self on. i have to be total in my every duty. Work, School, Interest, Activity, friendship, family, Love live. I want to do many things for many people. I have to be more busy than before. take every chances. Still I wont make anyone worry about me.

I think what i want to do this year all day long. And the summary is I need sometimes to be alone!For this time i wont someone call me asked how was everything goes on?where am i?what im done?its enough. I really focus on my activity. I’ll try to talked about this. I do really need a time to focus on my goal. I want to going everywhere I want. I want do everything for my good and others good as much as i can. I want no one worry about me right now. Im tough! Im not a weak. I am who im supposed to be and no one could changed it!I Just want to give my self and others especially my siblings so dont forced me to stop. Im still on my own way.


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