My Poor Buah Batu

I Lived in my place now since 1994. From Kindergarten till now im in college i always passed Buah Batu Street. Buah Batu was approximately 3km from my house and it has length about 5km. Buah Batu Street is one of main street in Bandung(West Java,Indonesia) Which many access to get a place from there. That’s why i always passed that street to get my self to school.

Buah Batu Street has many public facilities on it. Market, Restaurant, Police station, school, toll gate etc. It might called one of the most strategic places in Bandung. In 1994 till maybe 2002 I only have at least 20 minutes from my house by car. At the time the distance from my house to my elementary school is about 8,5-9km. Even it can be only 13minutes by car. Buah batu was really quite tidy and comfortable to passed. Even the public transportation was friendly enough for 8-year-old girl(at 3rd grade i usually have my own home by public transportation)like me at the time. When i was 6th grade the condition was getting harder when me and my sister have to get ourselves among a horrible crowded people who want to get their own destination by public transportation. Unfortunately it sometimes make someone hurts. maybe falling down even robbed.

After 2003 the public transportation was not really crowded anymore but the street was more crowded than before. Oh, I get it!everyone has their own transportation minus plus effect. Yayaya..still i have to go to school earlier.

The crowded is getting crazy when i was in a high school. My school was about 12km length from my house and i have to go to school at 5.30 am. If i was late even if only 5 minutes well i’ll come late till an hour from my school hours(my school hours at 2006 06.30am). Can you imagine that how was the population fast increasingly.

Nowadays I was not really shocked of the traffic jam that makes me get to my destination more than 1hour. I know very well how was Buah Batu has changed to be a very crowded street. But something has make me shocked today. really shocked!!

I have to accompany my sister going somewhere to take her business. Well i accompany her by car. from my house to Buah Batu street is about 75minutes. After the first destination, we going to jalan belitung is about 4km from there. Im so shocked and so sorry to see this. Buah Batu was getting flood!its about 20cm flood makes a good traffic jam enough and everyone was worry enough their car was accidentally turn off. I never seen this before. Buah Batu was never flood!if Buah Batu was Flood,what about dayeuh kolot?Which have lower land than Buah Batu?Is that global warming was a causes?or what?My poor Buah Batu..How may I help You?I wish I coukd make some biopori and solve this things. I want y quite tidy comfortable Buah Batu back!


hiks! poor buah batu:'( im sorry..