Adaptation, Mutation or Emancipation. Or None?

I was 20 years old girl…umm..woman??not a girl not yet a truly woman. My life bring me into some point of view and also about how girls or woman or something like me act like they use to be. Education, friendship, family, society, fashion, food, sanitary, love life, husband, children, boyfriend, night hour, table manner,marriage.parent in law such a thing in a this Venus world. How was my mom told me how being a perfect creatures in world. Beautiful, smart, graceful, mesmerize, prestigious, dress up, selective in fellow blahblahblah. I watch, I heard, I think and I learn. Woman still a human. Physical need, psychological needs, biological needs wouldn’t ever apart form it life. All the things I’ve said some is might be in those three categories of needs and the question is does it worth enough to be struggled?Sho what i have to struggle with it first?What is the priority?So for me Education is the most immediately needs in life. I was being like this just because an education. Formal and informal. Teach you how to think, how to act, how to react, how to talk, how to socialize, how to be everything you want to be. I always try to open the widest possible of point of view. Although i sometimes im too principal but im open minded enough to see and learn. Sometimes education and experience makes me think something and always thought that im in a right way. I think the strongest person in this world is my self. I often trying really hard to beat my self. The most good listener in this world is my self. The most cruel cryptically person is my self. I love to learn something from others that’s why i love to be only with my self and thinking all day long how to do something and solving all the thought I have.Okay i just want to talked about love life in my point of view now.  To have a boyfriend is something i think carefully. It such a big option in life, for me. I was rarely in love with someone. I kind of selective, too selective about this things. Why so serious?I think, to build a relationship means you try to build your introduction to a new life way. I always all over in loving someone and I always all over in loving my self too. So I sometimes too selective in order to keep me and others heart in a safe circle. Sounds wily. I think when a relationship being an unserious thing it become a hurt things. I dont want to have that with others. Some friends say that is no one can be the best person for someone but the best match is. my thought that the best person is really relatives. As long as you think that he or she was your best so he/she does!As long as you want him or her in your life so he/she does!As long as you want your mates as long as that he/she belong to you. I want a strong, struggle, principal, explicit, leader, protective man and i got it. He was a a best match for me now and i wish for keeps. In my relationship i was like this. First, i dont want to be spoiled girl well i prefer going somewhere with my self than my boyfriend. Second, boyfriend still a boyfriend. He have a responsibility to make some agreement with me in everything. But he doesnt have a full responsibility in pick me up. He doesnt have a full responsibility in my trouble. Im not even his wife so i havent depend anything on him. I still have to be a survivor girl. Have a boyfriend doesnt mean i become a weak. And so about pick me up. I sometimes have too many activity in one days to do. it makes me have to go home later. I rarely asked for my boy to pick me up. Because i know that i may home alone or with my friend. But he doesnt agree if i go home with friend especially a mars creatures and he just too worry to let me go home alone. Well sometimes my brother or my father pick me up and go home. Mom said to me that what is a boyfriend for if he cant pick you up as often as possible?i disagree about that. Boyfriend still a boyfriend. he still on his mom responsibility, and all he have now is just his parent’s. So what im depend to something not mine or him to?its not make sense.  He not even have me fully so do I. This is i called Adaptation, Mutation or Emancipation. Or None?. I dont know does my attitude is such an adaptation of this really busy world, or represented my women emancipation side or mutation so i have a big different gen with my mom. We sometimes arguing about what are boyfriend for topic. I hate to say that what are they for. I prefer talked about what should i give my boyfriend for to make our lives happier. Does i was too out of line or what? I just think clearly what is the boyfriend in habitat. Still he was a human, under his parents control and responsibility. As long as he haven’t got me wrapped around his finger his main responsibility is his parents, his school or career and his self. So do i. I was one of main responsibility in my life. So how the things going on/are this an adaptation?emancipation?mutation?or what??


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