I have a crazy long week end!Everyone always hope for a quite relaxing weekend but may be in my case now is much activity. I got many assignment even in a long week end but it was one of my greatest week.

I have to go to campus take my quiz and machining introduction at System of Manufacture Laboratory. Doing a preface assignment till late night, makes me sleep at four in a Saturday morning. 07.30 am i woke up and doing tidy up stuff. After that i go to campus and have my practice of Manufacture process subject. It was a huge practice to stand up for many hours seeing,timing and analyzing the process of turning. Only one process. Im so wrapper for all the operator who worked at this station how they was really need a great facilities moreover their worked time, physical environment, safety and health insurance. Two thumbs up for a perfect product they’ve made within the limits of product tolerance. Finally its done at 4.50 pm fiuh..what a long loooong practice.

After that I go to PMI to have a spontaneous hangout with some friends, Come to my dimas’s birthday surprise and for donate blood if I passed the medical check up. On the way to PMI I just thought that I wouldnt passed the medical check up. I’ve been rejected in donating blood for 12 times huhuhu..but when i have my medical check up i passed the first test that is a blood pressure test. Im so surprised that my blood pressure is 120/90(i usually only 90/80)Yeaaaaah!next is hemoglobin test and i got 13,6 woooooooooow!whereas when i have my sleep time less i only got 11,5. Im so excited that i can donate my blood and im so grateful that im still fine after donate my blood.

I was at PMI with Komunitas Sahabat Kota. This was a huge Saturday night that we were visited by some friend from faculty of Communication Studies Unisba. They need some data from KSK so they were going to have some documentary from this activity. It was an Opportunity for us to trapped dimas. And we got him!After the silly interview that makes dimas anger we surprised him a cake. What a beautiful Saturday night.

Donny Boy pick me up at PMI. We’ve planned to have seafood for our dinner. So when my friends go for coffee, I hanging with Donny Boy. But after we finished our dinner I was really want to join my friends and fortunatelly Donny Boy want to(although after a long long discuss. Donny was a shy boy). Today can be called Dimas’s farewell because he got an approval from Indonesia mengajar. Congratulation Dimas!and i finally introduce Donny Boy to my friend im soooooo happy!

Im home at 21.30PM. I feel no tired. Today just too great to feel tired. We talked some and Donny boy go home..

How i was really feel like im alive when i have many activity to do. Gathering with favorite people. This week end is doing great!I wish i will be blessed to do many things. Always well-being,well mind and superb enthusiasm to doing some more and more and moooooore. Thank you ya Allah for blessing my day and give me precious time with precious people. Alhamdulillah..

Goodluck for tommorrow:)


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