Identification of Customer Needs

I got a practice class of Industrial Engineering Design. This is the first week and here what i’ve got from this class on first module. In my understanding, Identification of Customer Needs is a method to find out a mutuality of customer and producer. It integrated with product development when those identification wan converted in to engineer characteristic. The information, is a main part to reduction the concept of the product, concept selection, benchmark, and determining characteristic of product.

Identification of customer need can be done by used a primary data. A tool is questionnaire open and closed.  A questionnaire need a validity and reliability test. in order to accuracy in summary and statement making.

Questionnaire in procedure is making a questionnaire need a purpose of it question and specifying the question. Should make it randomize so that the respondent wouldn’t notice the purpose and affect it answer. Questionnaire fulfillment. Data processing. Determining primary needs. Needs grouping. Customer needs.

I was so excited on this class because this subject has a correlation with my favorite subject Marketing Basics. I thought that when I do a market research this method was really used. I can found a customer needs and converted it becoming a value they deserve from a product. When the value has offered so customer would give a feedback to a producer even more than ever thought. Its just one of some way to maintain the customer and give some more value. I wish i always have a good time in this class.


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