Little Red Riding Hood

A reason why i love this story. I just feel that little red riding hood like me. Hehehe. She loves to walk around her self, She’s brave, Have a great time with her self along way to go. She’s really like me. A thing i’ve got that little red riding hood never do a certain reaction, she doesnt judge a things one time. she’s slowly but sure. She talked the wolves well, even everybody knows that wolves is cruel. Wolves wont hurt her but she would hurt back if she need.She know very well when she havet to do and what she have to do in the right time.  So do I. I would never see someone on his/her look alike but its heart. I can be cruel sometimes if i got a threat. Im a little red riding hood quite nice cutie but brave and struggle. thats how she survive her self from the wolves. You know what? wolves is sweet sometimes:”>

little red riding hood and the wolves:">


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