rice field in childhood

yes iv’e told you before that i lived in my place now since 16 years ago. I tell you about My Poor Buah Batu and this is i’ll tell you about my lost childhood. In the corner Buah Batu street before intersection of Soekarno Hatta street there’s a rice field. I cute little rice field. A rice field among a busy hectic town. I always love this rice field because it gives a little chime after a weird day. I love to see a green rice plant and its brown land.

I go to Dipati Ukur(DU) Street this morning to preparing an interview session of facilitator “Legenda Hutan Kareumbi”. I passed Buah Batu street, my brother take me into DU. He fortunately have his try out in his course. I rarely passed this way because i didnt passed this way to take me into my campus. Well when i passed this way im just so shock and its sadden me to think that the rice field has gone. It was flat. Ground all around the rice field. Its just too bad. I cant hold my anger. But however I dont know to who I anger to. I wouldnt see a green rice plant anymore in Buah Batu street. Im so sorry to see. no photos, Just too bad to captured:(


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