Iwan Deni Gunawan

He is my father. I miss him so much. He go out of town for more than a week. He was a really patient man. he never anger and he always keep everything fine. He was not a good in express how does he feel. But i can feel deeply that he loves me so much. He was a listener although he sometimes not a good enough hehehe. He is clever. He good in analyzing and statistical calculation. He was a man who never want to hurt anyone even if they hurt him before. He never teach me to wreak someone. He always remind me to forgive and forget. I want Allah blessed him everywhere he is. I want Allah always love him and protect him. Im sorry papa if i haven’t being what you want. I want sometimes that i could make you proud of what i’ve done. I promise to take care of mama, ceuceu, akang, ido and ili. I was your super girl. I wont give up to make you proud and keep them safe. I Love You papa..go home soon please..




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