The Dream of Owls

Owl is one of my favorite animal. Owl is round, tubby, nocturnal. Like another favorite creature. Owl is Mysteriously cool! I always dreaming of owl. How I really want to have one.  One day I was drawing an Owl. I’ve try to draw it but never happened. Till one day I do really want to draw an Owl so I Draw one, Although doesn’t look a real..I still love this picture.


Im so full hearted to draw this. I like Owl, I want one..

Next day, I wake up early morning to preparing my mid examination. I study till 6am and dad’s friend(he was stay overnight) suddenly bring an Owl!a Barn Owl!kyaaaaaaaaa!what a serendipity!am sooooo happy!here is an Owl, A REAAAAAL one!


Look!its so beautiful!im sooooo excite!I go to campus excitedly. I’ve got a super mighty spirited morning!thankyou owlie:)

I home immediately to see my owl. He sleep. What a cute. Suddenly something accros my mind. What if he was she?and she had a baby owl outside there. What if baby owl was starving and dying soon?Does the owl happy here?Does the owl want to be free?He still quite. sleep. look blanketed feeling uneasy. I like you but I wont to see you like this. Well at noon he still doesn want to eat. I feed it but he doesnt want to. still quite and unsound. He’s getting worst. He was shivering. Maybe He depressed. Im so compassionate to see this. I dont want something happen with this beautiful owl. So I decide to release the owl at noon. He flying gently. Beautiful. Goodby Owlie!I wish you could have a better life outside there. Im sorry I never have an owl, i dont know how to taking care of you and im just too worry to taking care of you. So long, You may home if you want to. I’ll remember you, Owlie:’)

thank you:)


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