She’s not leaving you. Its your turn

I have a 24years old sister and she’s going to marry this year. Better or worst.

I never leaved by her since i born. Actually she was greeting me born excitedly and it was the first time she was finally have a younger sister. We always have a good time. 20 years with her is greatest. Everything we share, food, games, money, clothes, experience, knowledge, vision, except boy. She was one of influential person in my life. Her experience, give me a time to think and how to act. I’ve learn much. And this is me now was the opposite of her. We were a different kind of girl and we proud of this. We believe and we trust in”character is more”.

You know, we have 3 younger brother. So it must be me or her to change mom responsibility to taking care of them and papa. My sister going to marry this year. I wish she could get what she want. Im happy when she was preparing everything excitedly. Although im such kind of afraid. Why should i?I even should happy and excited for her too. I feel like im afraid if she was forget me and being a man’s wife or children mom. Will I still have a good advisor?blah..blah..blah.. too much worry.

This is my turn to replace her position. Im ready to taking more care of house, mom, dad and brother’s. Im ready to be a super girl and make everything in my control. Im ready to be an oldest. Im just afraid that i wouldnt do that but i want everything is fine how it use to be. Well i shouldnt worry about my sister marriage anymore. Well someday i’ll have it too. All i have to prepare now is being wiser to be the oldest one. I want and Im ready. Im happy for your marriage ceu..


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