Are We Gonna Make It?

To live my life with a strong, struggle,humble,melancholic,choleric  boy for about 940 days is the greatest i’ve got. Happiness, Laughter, Argue, Sadness, Ridiculous things, Mature conversation, Vision, Principal and many things we’ve shared each other. He’s not a sweet man, he never surprising me, He never doing something sweet, He never say something melting me But he gave me the sweetest thing a girl could get ever. Protection.
The only one thing we haven’t got a deal yet. My business. Im a Dynamic person. I love to do many things, meet others, make a new friends, find some new experience and im so full of curiosity in life. I was sometimes was drown in my business and may forget another business include him. I did not mean to do that, im just too hectic to called him. Well it makes some sparks to arguing.
Im tired sometimes, however it was my fault. Why dont we act usually when we were in that condition. I think it was a thing we shouldnt talked about for this 940 days we’ve spent together. It should be trust each other.
He take me home today. After my class. When we were at home he started to talked to me and show how was he feel about. He was lonely guy who have a careless girlfriend. He even say to me that he was feel like doesnt have a girlfriend. It sadden me to think, well what should i do. He can’t accept my condition. And the hardest part is when he say that: “If you were stay on your line, well maybe we have to walking through our own way. Its not for mine, or for my good moreover our good. Its for your happiness and for everything you want to reach in your life”. Its just too hard to hear.
Everything has a good sight on its own way. So maybe this is too. I should taking more care of him. In other side im just too compassionate to be a busy girl. How ever im a girl with a million dream. Its not only for me but also for us. I want to live my life with him so i want to enriched my self with experience and make a great future with him. Will he patient enough to see me like this, worrying me all the time im busy, feel uncertainly and doubtful?I sometimes think that im not good enough for him or i shouldnt stay with him anymore. But how i could do that. I even have nothing to compare him, He’s just irreplaceable. I havent found something worth to compare with him. I want he always in my life, accompany me and protect me. Tell me how to do something and how to behave and being humble. I wish we could got a deal. A best deal for two of us. He’s just too special for me so i will never strong enough to see him dissapointed or being fall apart. He deserve much much better things in his life. I wish he was always get it. Im sorry if i was too introvert to you, im sorry if i was careless and im sorry if i was arrogant and think that i can do everything with my self and i dont need to depend my self on you. I was wrog, I do need you..please just stay sorry..

you've got a place in my heart


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