Favorite Place To Go

Hello I only share a lovely place to go alone, hahaha. As you know I love to play with my self, spending a time for my self As known As my self time. Here I want to share my favorite places in Bandung, There you go..

Phoenam Kopi dan Aneka Roti Bakar
I love coffee thats why I love this place. Phoenam at Jalan Gandapura bandung. They had a traditional taste of coffee. Phoenam is from Makasar and opened a branch in several big town in Indonesia such Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya and Palu. Phoenam’s coffee had a little bit sour and little bit hard coffee. If you have a gratitis you should have your meal before. I love to spending my time here, drinks coffee and wifi is great. Phoenam had a nice plice, nice lightning and nice sofa. Its perfectli comfort. People rarely come because its location a little bit hard to find a carpark. Its quite but I’m Lovin’ it! They had a glass wall so we can see around there was a busy town lovely.


Little White Cafe
Situated at Jalan Lodaya Bandung. Nice, But it doesnt have any specify characteristic just like another cafe with a white vintage decoration but it was quite only 3 to 5 visitors, the waitress are nice. Not really far from my house hmmm i think its good to be your self time suggestion.


Kedai Kopi Mata Angin
Situated at Jalan Bengawan Bandung. An adventurous concept coffee shop. Its quite!hehehe i love quite places.

McDonalds Setiabudi Bandung
I usually had a  make up order in Saturday early morning and after the hardwork i have my breakfast here. I more often only drink white coffee because another menu doesnt realy exciting me. I love the place and situation, seeing early busy Setiabudi. I cant see Setiabudi that quite on Saturday. Setiabudi is one of busier road in Bandung and youll see another view from Setiabudi.

Cizz Cheesecake and friends
Situated at Jalan Laswi. Amini Cheesecake parlor which had a great taste of cheesecake. My favorite is blueberry cheesecake, truffle torte, greentea cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake, caramel cheesecake, rum raisin cheesecake oh i love all of the cheesecake they’ve made!

Okay enough for now I’ll tell you another lovely places to go with your self later, Bye!


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