grown up

A thought after I see my junior high school friends timeline. They were grown up, but as we grown up we apart. I sometimes kinda envy of a girls friendship. Think that every girl had an eternal friendship, laugh, gossip, fashion, boys blah blah blah all the girl stuff. Some of my closest friends still have a quality time so that they still a good good friends till now. When a time go to high school we apart and I’m the only one in my new school. Some of them are in the same high school. Explaining enough how friendship is apart geografically. To have a new friends,is a good thing for me and I’d love to make friends. As time goes by, I’m getting mismatch play with my JHS friends. Not friends at all sounds cruel,but our condition said so. Eventhough I wasn’t into they game, but we try to still have a good comunication. When I was a teenage I always need a friends to recharging me. But now, was 180degree different. I feel that I need my self time to recharge my energy and it work. I don’t even have a quality time anymore with my JHS friends, SHS even college. I knowing my self better,recognizing what do I really need and want to.I know that I like a transgender friend ship. I prefer a boy as a friends. Their simple, and doesn’t have any fussy things to talked about. I realize that y closest friends since I was in a high school is a boy. We walk, we talk. Lots of fun. Boys doesn’t mind if we have to take a place on foot. Girls usualy hates sweat and sunshine. I rarely see my girls nowadays, so do the guys. I sometimes feel so that empty. I go take a walk only with my self, I don’t even have a friends to have a walk. Actually my boyfriend doesn’t like to take a walk. Its poor. I started to remember that I’ve lost my friends once or twice or even more. I kinda miss em all. I think separated is my middle name. Sounds excessive heheh..well everywhere you go,everythings you do, every man you love,every woman you love,may the force be with you my friends..the question is, do I growing up become an introvert?


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