WELCOME 2012!!

happy new year universe may all the kindness comes to you.. this is the 4th new years eve i celebrated with donny boy but the only things we didnt do is counting down. He had a PES tournament with his guys and i cant join em all..so i count down at home like usually..see a city lights with it fireworks..
Im so grateful for these last year, theres so  many wise things come to me and let me learning more and more about this great life. Im so grateful for a change to live this 2012 alhamdulillah..So maybe this is a little kaleidoscope  of mine
January Hilmy’s Birthday. I’ve got a great achivement of my GPA last semester, itwas really good and i’ve got a friend asked me for some help to taking care of komunitas sahabat kota. So this is the first time im in to be a caretaker.Have a blog,
February Edukasi kreatif at SD Pardomuan Started its good too do a things here:) My sister home. She leaves her dorm and i spent a week at her dorm its nice!
March makes a concept stuff of volunteer training and met a good  friend
April Being 20 years old, getting older. got a surprises.coins, had a great experiences of walking through this town im so happy:)
May a friend birthday and a trully pedesrian experience. Got a dreams of owl..
June Had a crusial time with donnyboy, its makes us wiser..anda things makes me feel leaved by my sister..Varastika’s BorDay..
July My sisters Birthday. Meet Becky, welcome becky..Keuken Separating. see you later. Legenda Hutan Kareumbi
August Fasting. Bersaling.
September Had a great number of Varastika’s order!wohooooo!Find some Break Event Point of a friend’s thesis its good experience ever!
October Happy a third me and donny boy. I was often to have my personal time coffee and wi fi. My sisters engagement day. Uburu. Mom’s and Ili’s Birthday
November Had a really Busy time of KSK. Go to Jakarta, Make some social business planning
December Dad’s and Ido’s Birthday. My sister’s wedding day. Had a great Muker Time, Ready for a new resolution!

As time goes by we’ll never know what a times will bring us but we only know what we want to be. May Last year become a lessons, may next year become a rightest time to do, explore, give, share and make something!You go atu!go!


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