Hello January, never thought too see you faster. You take my sister away to Sydney and you know what?im gonna miss her a lot!
In this final examination week, im willing to take my self to Jakarta on my sister departure day. I feel nervous, umm maybe i think i would be away from her but actually after her marriage, i’ve lost her.
She’s the only one who always listen to me all my thoughts and my stories, im a younger but after these all im the oldest. I feel like its hard to call her and tell her some. She had a new mind set of her life right now. Maybe being a wife is a causes.
The only thing she never change is her stupid jokes. I determined my self not to worry or being sad when she go away to take her master degree. But i cant tell a lie to my self. I feel so sad. Since a month ago she rarely at home taking care her husband and i feel..empty.
Like a pot. Without soil.
Along the way to Jakarta i was thinking and thoughts how could i survive with no one to tell. I think this is the best it gets. I’ll learn a lot, growing bigger stronger everyday.
Till the time she have to go and take flight i forced my self to keep smiling and not to cry out. Its hard, really hard you know. I love her, she’s one of my precious people in a universe.
Only prayer i can give. And taking care our business, Varastika and Kangdoli. And the precious mandate is stay around my brother and let em growing up around me. Do not ever lost my sight.
a day after my sister’s departure i really cant lie my self i just so sad and i started to think that i now was an empty pot. May the wind blowing a dust to fill this empty pot. May the dust become a soil. May the soil getting porous by worms. May the porous gives soil an oxygen. May the seeds comes into the soil. May the seeds growing up become a beautiful flower. May this emptiness become a good things later like a flower.
I do believe there’s a rainbow after heavy rain just try not too worry atu!
I decided to looking for a flight ticket this year. I want to see her and i Think im going to see her on april 25th. I wish it could be the best birthday surprise ever. Take a flight alone to see my sister. ummm..really cant hardly wait..


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