I Want For My KP I Really Want To!!!

I want it, I mean it!I want to try my best to be appropriate to be here. Ya Allah, I want to have my KP at this place please..I know that you hear me and going to grant this soon aamiin..

Jl. Yos Sudarso,Balikpapan 76123 Kalimantan Timur,Indonesia

I Will be there at July..I will be there..I know if I do the best Allah will do the Rest aamiin..aamiin..

Why do I really want to?When i was highschool I ever dreamed about petroleum school but my parents doesnt allowed me to. In my school right now there is none of student ever take any research aboout petroleum, whereas Industrial knowledge is capable for every segment of production activity without exception petroleum industry. I want to have to different research so that everyone who studying in industrial engineering could have known it application in another industry not only metal manufacturing but also petroleum. If I could make more research I want to have my research in food industry, medical industry many more. I really want to have a new topic to research and could be a reference for other. If I really get this, Im so thankfull and I’ll dedicated this to all of my friends in Industrial Engineering. I want they know that we can touch every Industry without exception and we can take a chance to know how to dedicated our knowledge for a human benefit. Ya Allah, I really want to do this in order to fulfill my life with a worship and your will. aamiin ya rabbal alamiin..

Just wait for me this july dear Total E&P Indonesie šŸ™‚


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