I Quit

Started to have a confession to a friend of mine about something I hide almost these two years. Am going to tell the most trusted and closest friends. Have 3 precious people to know. In my expectation that those person could see me objectively. So that I decided to tell em the truth.

First everything running smoothly when i was told the first list.
Second, much better than the first list..the come an optimism of mine to tell the third list. I knew that the third list is a person whom always seen everything objectively.
But not as good as the first and the second. I get caught in an awkward condition, I think my friend was surprised im afraid he was disappointed.  I think he actually does.

To tell the truth is not a simple things for me. It would never be a simple things. A person who may know about me is a person I really trust. I have a good beginning of today’s powwow but i hate the end of it. It was really awkward. you know he just try to help me. I never thought he does. Well actually im so thankful for all suggestion has told.its means a lot and i’ll try to quit!

thank you


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