Mods Make up

feel so bored and started try some make up experience..this is Mods make up with its typical of red lips..I wish I could take a photo session of this style, anyone?

Mods make up has a great bold eye liner. Not only good for a bright skin type but also for a brown skin like me:p

Bold Eyeliner

Make your eyeliner become 2 line or more that make your eyes bigger. Resilience at the edge or your eyes make a little bit cat eye effect. Put a black eyeliner in your down eyeliner put it about 3/4 eyeliner and put a bright eyeliner color(white or silver) to fulfill your eyeliner put it in the edge near your nose. Mods eyes usually wear an bold eyelashes but i dont wear it.hehehe

cat eyes

Mods make up use a bright pink blush. pour it in your apple cheek pour it more so that you’ll got a bold pink blushing cheek. Its good when you have a brown skin

blushing pink cheek

And for the last take your red lipstick!muah!its done!:)

perfect with a curly short hair

La Voila!


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