Everyone prefer to stay into one trapezes for a long time even they dont like it or feeling unpleasant. Love live, Career, finance, family, society we were like hanging on a trapezes. Some of people doesnt want to have a big deal enough to move to another trapezes, in other side the trapezes where they hanging on right now doesnt fit anymore..we may fall when we try to move, but we will get up soon after that.

Between the trapezes. A book i red last week. About how to living a full of deal life. How to deal with your decision especially how to deal with yourself. A thought crosses my mind. I feel like something has lost between me and My Boyfriend. I feel like we dont have any sense of belonging for more. We rarely talk each other, we rarely seen each other, we rarely text each other. I cant full fill his needs to mine and so do i. there is so much missed communication and we were not fit for more.

Well maybe we were kinda bored each other. We’ve dating for about 43 months. No wonder how bored our relationship right now. I’ve try to tell him and make a learning space for us to known each other for more but it doesnt work out. well we decided to separated. Yes, we break up.

I’ve move into another trapezes. Im falling, its hurt but I dont give up. I know this is just a part of living. I believe that if he was the one for me we’ll meet again at the right time at the right moment. I never been so that patient like this, well thank you so much for everything we’ve made. Makes me wiser, thank you for all the maturity we passed. You’re a good guy. Best guy I ever met. thank you and im sorry. For you know, You’ve got a place in my heart..see you when I see you..


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