Living a Dream

Hello June, I’ve met you since 2 weeks ago and thank you for being kind of good! This Month was really awesome. I just met some experiences and its great! The greatest of this month is im about GOING TO BALIKPAPAN!Yeaaaay!


About being here for 2 month kyaaaa!

after passed all the worries, think about my application and dream about going to Balikpapan each night, I Finally got a chance to take an On Job Training at Total E&P Indonesie. Horaaaaaay!!Im ready for this first adventure!I even cant hardly wait for thiiiis!hehehehe

You know what, after I finished this adventure, im going to make a B triangle. After OJT im going to Batam to have another adventure. I want save some money to go to Batam after finished my OJT at Balikpapan. Well the route is Bandung->Balikpapan->Batam-Bandung. Doesnt it was a B triangle Right?Thank you for you who ever read my post about OJT at Total E&P Indonesie and for reaffirm my dreams!


Barelang Bridge. One of have to visit at Batam. Going to Batam at this August or Earlier September Yeeeaaaayyy!


Next Destination is Golden Prawn the most favorite seafood restaurant at Batam.

Well..see you when I tell you About Batam!loves, Atu


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