Precious Time, Precious People

That decisive moment when i decided to take my On Job Training at Total E&P Indonesia a.k.a TEPI

A time getting more important than before and i was really enjoy every single time i have till that time comes. I have to go for 2 month.

a first time adventure, im so excited yet so nervous. But its great, and i was between the trapezes!Yeaaay!

Thanks for everyone who spent a good time with me, this is how i appreciate you:)

horaaaayyy!On Job Training at TEPI celebratioooooon!

ah!i just forgot to give my lecturer one!huhuhu..

keriput(kedua riana putri means both riana and putri)

Happy Puppy truly makes happiness

thank you for this great great times ri, put, der!

me with my classmate Vilay!

with ajiiiss




uwa bonong!


ice cold killer gilang

my pendeeeeek!



bang pen


my putaaaaao chee chien!



thankyou my dear classmate!thankyou for every inspiring things we share..may allah blessed us all:)


for all those sweet words and spirited jargon

komunitas sahabat kota and its creative education

featuring Askaf Foundation at Desa Carik Kopo. thankyou for the great enthusiasm..

an opportunity to donate my blood

after been rejected three times since 17th October last year i finally got a good condition to donate my blood alhamdulillah..

fluffy little things called puff!

thanks iboooonn wish it enough for two months. only one a day before i sleep hahahahaha

thankyou dear all my friends..see you all this September!


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