Higher and Highest

Inspiring by coco’s blog I write this post. About Things i grateful for, whats great and whats the greatest..
I live in Balikpapan since two weeks ago and there’s so many happiness i have, alhamdulillah..
today is my second weekend here..and this is how i tell you about my greatgreat time in Balikpapan


  • Take On job training at Total E&P Indonesie at Supply Chain Division, Material Procurement department, Well construction and Intervention. Have a good great kind mentor Mr Hotman Carlo and best co.mentor Mr Triswiyanto Prihandoko.
  • First 5 day stay at Adika Hotel Bahtera which is across from Plaza and there was a coast behind there..always going to this place after office. Purfek!
  • Have two friends at SC/MAT named Tika and Indah From UII and they were an origin. Lucky me..hehehe
  • I ate cotto makasar, bakso orari, es pisang ijo, Ayam bakar bojolali ooom nom nom


  • next week i live at teh zahra house, what a purfek homestay ever!
  • have a fairy ibu homestay and bapak homestay alhamdulillah..
  • I ate kepiting kenari, cotto makasar lapangan poni, pecel pincuk, mantau sapi lada hitam, salad Demars, sop saudara aaahhh..sluuurp
  • at my homestay, theres tons of biscuit chocolate and ice cream i can eat everytime i want to!
  • ibu homestay and bapak homestay was a funny person they loves to make a joke
  • visiting kemala beach before going home everyday..lovely..

aaahh..every single time in Balikpapan is a gift. Alhamdulillah..


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