Balikpapan Routine

finalyyyy!got a chance to borrow my cousin’s camera!here some routine activity at Balikpapan.

beautiful morning..have a beautiful breakfast here..

My homestay mom is a very positive woman i ever meet. She loves to laughs and loves to make everything become a joke..she usually makes me salmon sandwich for breakfast..give me coffee, cookies and chocolate for my coffee break at the homestay father, he was a funny person too..he looks like ignorant but he actually attentive..Their daughter named zahra, is my room mate..she’s funny, detailed, free, happy, and so lucky to be here..

lets go to woooork!

walk down the hill today is a bright morning..last 3 weeks, balikpapan raining all day long..lucky me..

before go to work, i always go to taman bekapai to breathe the air..hehehehhe

lovely salmon sandwich

coffee, music, morning..

favorite spot

After about 15-30 minutes, i go to office by foot..its near my office..

working hard tu!

and this is what we do when we have no assignment to do oh my..jobleeeeess
talent: kartika Isnaini

at the end of the we goooooo!


i go to this beach after work every afternoon..hmm..


then go hoooome~

“Taxi” Balikpapan’s public transportation. Bandung have “angkot” Balikpapan have “Taxi” same thing, different name

up the “gunung bugis” hill

and finally home..aaahhh!

thankies’ve made my day 😀


3 thoughts on “Balikpapan Routine

    • hello ryan sorry for late reply..please tell me when and where is your destination in balikpapan so that i can help you to find a speaking english homestay owner:)

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