Munggahan is Sundanese culture when Ramadhan come closer and you gathering with family or friends to have some good food, good conversation and quality time. But it’s not so that simple when you weren’t at your hometown without your family either friends around you, yes you don’t have anyone for this Munggahan, I live in Balikpapan which lots of people here a Bugis, Banjar and Java ethcnics. They don’t do Munggahan..but lucky me to find a friend from Bandung which work as Out Bond Safety at Kemala Beach. He comes from Cibiru, a place at Bandung and he been here for about 2years. This is how my Munggahan with a stranger friends in a stranger town.

coffee and singkong goreng(fried cassava)

afternoon kemala

good friends, good conversation, good place, good time



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