Im Serious About This

Being a settler in a stranger town is the best time to have your self time. In the middle of my loneliness(aaahh sounds too bad!heheh)i have many things i want to do with my self, well this is how i spent my quality time with Shomiyatul Aziza(read: me)

one fine afternoon, i long for a cereal for iftar(break fasting)and i long for sea wind blowing so i went my self to wave breaker behind plaza Balikpapan building. I just going there alone, but a friend of mine, Anisa Corina kindly accompany me there.

silhouette taman bekapai scaramouuus~ scaramouus~

im serious about i want coco crunch for my iftar

another seriousness about my self time

balcony sea shore

im serious about i want for my iftar

doesnt stop,i still want to have a great great self time here so i went to komplek ruko bandar to have a good scenery and great iftar

on the sea side..what a good place..

a place which i got this picture a few months ago before i came here, just to reaffirm my view, and its come true!i have just going to that place!alhamdulillah..

and next day..craving for a good Worth it coffee so i went to barometer coffee and taste it Jamaican frappucino.. not bad..but still ice coffee peak kilimanjaro got a first place in my heart

Jamaican Frappucino

And the next day, a friend of mine Indah Prillyati Told me theres a great bakso near barometer. So i went there soon..lucky me just arrived before adzan maghrib so i have a time to feel this park atmosphere and listen some good music..

Wiluyo Puspoyudo II Park

After have my iftar at Wiluyo Puspoyudo II park, im going to take pray at At-Taqwa Mosque. One of biggest mosque in Balikpapan, and there was Ramadhan Market

Ramadhan market

At-Taqwa Mosque

everyday is superb, alhamdulillah..



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