Eat, Pray, Love

I just watched eat, pray, love. Oh so last year Atu, why you no watch this film earlier?but one thing is i never trust in a an accidental moment. Everything is written. And so when i watched this film.

hmm.. i dont try to make a synchronize of this film into my life, but that moment, when i watched this film i just can thought,”Oh crap!this is it!”like slap on face. Face it, im on that phased.

Liz just try to find an escape to find out her well living live after she get divorced. Reason why she get divorced is, she can’t find any happiness with her husband. Even she had another man in her life before she get divorced, she still cant find a happiness. Then she decided to get her self lost in Italy, India and Indonesia. Good food, good friends, good city, good experience, good meditation, good people, good scene. Its perfect. Liz finally got what she called happiness.

For every written things in universe sake, I just happened those things. Before I decided to take my on job training here, I just know that i will lose a relationship I’ve tried hard to keep it  for 4 years. I knew i will leave him and have a sweet escape at Borneo. I Eat much, Pray much and Learn much. I just 4Kg gaining my weight, I passed Ramadhan here and I Make a Risk analysis. Not only learn about things in my college but also about life.

When im ready to get my self here. I intend my self to think about what i do really looking for from a relationship. I intend my self to find out how important everyone around me. I intend my self to decide with who i wanna be with.
I just get a fight last night and its ruin my day enough. I should not have a fight for more, officially, we’re separated and why we have to fight for more. But I just realize something. I wasnt sincere enough to confess that im no longer with him. I blame my self a lot and confess my self that im selfish. Too selfish to take a minute for my self to think and decided.
aaaah!i want home in a peaceful mind and heart. I have two weeks to refine my feeling before im home. Just find your self well-being, eat, pray, and soon. love.


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