One Fine Day, Balikpapan

Have a big plan on last Sunday. A week ago i just looking for some reference to find some good place to visit in Balikpapan. I found some and just going there on Sunday. Lucky me to have an origin friends to accompany all day long. Here some must visit place in Balikpapan.

Sunday is the only time I have to walk around Balikpapan. What a busy weekday, and i need refreshing urgently!
I decided to go to Mangrove Forest Conservation Area. Behind this conservation area political stories, still i love this place.

Mangrove Forest Conservation Area Jalan Gunung IV Balikpapan

Its funny, i just met some boys who wants to enter this area but they cant because theres a girls who stopped them at the gate and dont allow the boys to enter. hihih boys and girls. Get into this mangrove forest with 3 boys from Kebun Sayur, evidently there’s some boy inside there which their friends. Well those Kebun Sayur boys just take a walk to this place, they consist of six boys and coincidentally 3 wearing red clothes and 3 wearing blue clothes. They decided to make a team and treasure this forest by team. Its a great idea i join blue team and we just walk around this mangrove forest!great!

Avisenna Marina. one of about 200 mangrove


Wooden Tower

If you’re lucky, you’ll see Bekantan. Unfortunately, i didnt see any bekantan here. But lucky me to see tembakul and Raja Udang. Tembakul is inside the mud and hard to take it picture, So do raja udang it flies so fast i cant take any picture but here’s a reference

Tembakul Fish. able to walk on mud

Raja Udang a.k.a Kingfisher

the farther the more dense

Blue Team

Red Team

After a good great time from this forest mangrove, i decided to buy some merchandise at Kebun Sayur

Kebun Sayur Markets

Balikpapan merchandise is stone bracelet i buy some for some friends and some gorgeous dayak beads too!lovely!

shop till drop

see you at next post..


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