Welcome To The Real Life

Yuhuu!first post after my homecoming from Balikpapan. Happy unhappy to be here because i like Balikpapan a lot and it’s hard to leave kindest people there.

I just started my 7th semester.yup!the fourth year, I want to finish my school April 2013. I want graduation as my birthday gift.  I want it I mean it. This is final grade of my curriculum, and I only take 15 credits on this semester. I dont want to fixed any C subject in other semester. too tired to take any credits. I want have more spare time to make KSK Module and self improvement time.

I dont have many time, i have to decided from now about my life after college and started the strategy from now!this ismy goal and what I want to unlearn and relearn this year:

  • I want supply chain as my elective subject.
  • I want a perfect GPA, 4!For this semester. absolutely 4.
  • Got A for those Subject: Lay out Design, Business Design, Productivity Engineering,Environmental Knowledge, Supply Chain and Logistic Management, Practical Work and Final Project Seminar.
  • unlearn and relearn my mindset about “work”.
  • Take a TOEFL Test and got 590.
  • Make 2 More module for KSK.
  • Find out about master degree school.

This is a real life, you run a round tire.you drive how fast you want.you decide where to go.dont waste your time for something you dont want to try shomiyatul!


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