The Most Merciful The Mighty Fun

In the Name of Allah The Most Merciful The Mighty Fun. Allah always give me a greatest gorgeous option. And my life was AWESOME!Alhamdulillah..

To finally move into another trapezes, is kinda greatest experience. Full of emotion and challenging you more!

Im so sorry to my self about the end of my 5years relationship with Donny Boy. But its already done, and i feel so great. I know I should cry out and feel so drown on my deepest broken hearted. But I just didnt let my self drowning too deep. Whatever will be, will be. All I want to do is keep moving forward.

You know, one does not simply to letting go off something you have for 5years and everything he has bring into my life. Like, umm..friendship, family and many things. But Im sure that we have grown up, And Donnyboy is a part of my life story, my maturity, thanks. But what we did its not a relationship for more. Its just a routine, and we didnt learn for more. Its okay. We should watched our relationship fall apart. Let it fall. Well if it for us two, it will bring us to the brand new relationship.

I dont even cry, i think this is the best i get and i’ve learn soooo much!you know, I do believe that Allah will give me a time to find somebody new. Even much better. And He Fulfill His promises. I still try to find His clue by the natures sign. The greatest thing i’ve got from all these challenge to move into a new trapezes is when i just let it fall, time will rebuild again. Be honest, Be sincere and I’ll got something greater than i ever expect!

All the love in the world its immortal, and the true love is all about Habluminallah.Alhamdulillah..


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